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RDC Dress Code

RDC Dress Code

Dress Code Chart Page 1

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BOYS ATTIRE (Acro and Hip Hop is above in chart):
Plain colored t-shirt and black dance pants or black sweatpants
Black Ballet Shoes
Black Jazz Shoes
Black Bloch ‘TapFlex’  Lace Up Tap Shoe (style # S0388)

**Please note: Additional shoes may be required for Company Students (i.e. tan or black jazz shoes)

Pre-Company 1 & 2:
Black Leotard
Pink or Light Tan Convertible or Stirrup Tights
Tan Bloch 'Super' Jazz Shoe (style # S0401 G/L)
Pink Bloch Ballet Slippers - Split Sole (style # S0205 G/L or S0203 L)
Pre Company 2 Only - Black Bloch 'TapFlex' Lace Up Tap Shoe (style # S0388L)
Hair must be off the face 

ALL Company Teams: 
Company Ballet:
Black Leotard
Pink Tights 
Pink Bloch Ballet Slippers - Split Sole (style # S0205 G/L or S0203L)
Hair must be in a bun with a hairnet
Company Lyrical/Jazz Tech and Leaps/Turns:
Black Leotard
Black Fitted Dance Shorts (Optional)
Bare Legs or Pink/Tan Convertible or Stirrup Tights
Company Choreo:
Instructor Approval (black leotard, shorts, colored leotard, etc.)
Instructor will let class know at the start of the year
Company Tap:
Leotard or Tank Top
Fitted Dance Shorts (Optional)
Bare Legs or Tights
Black Bloch ‘TapFlex’  Lace Up Tap Shoe (style # S0388 G/L)
Company Hip Hop:
Comfortable clothing (i.e. Tank Top, Fitted Dance Shorts, Sweatpants, etc)
(Instructor will choose sneakers or boots for the costume and will email the class to let them know which to buy)
Male Attire:
Black sweatpants, shorts or dance pants, plain T-shirt, black ballet shoes