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The Company

RDC holds open auditions every Spring for the upcoming year. Email director Nicole Kelley for more information

A program designed for the serious dancer.

RDC Company Auditions

RDC holds annual Company Auditions that are open to any dancer! A dancer should audition for whatever age they are on the date of auditions.

Audition will cover Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap and Hip Hop. Students should bring appropriate footwear and attire. Please contact the studio for more information regarding the Company. Being a part of the Company is exciting and rewarding. It is also a serious commitment made by students and families; both time-wise and financially.

Students are required to take a minimum number of classes per week, depending on their age and level, in order to be eligible for the Company. Attendance is vital for personal growth, group choreography and development as a class. Extra rehearsals are often required as competitions near. In order to keep the experience affordable, there are no fees for required extra rehearsals. Students are responsible for (but not limited to): multiple costumes, shoes, make-up, competition fees and travel costs. Fundraising ideas are always welcome to help subsidize the team's competition fees and travel costs.

Students are placed at the teacher's discretion. Age is a guideline for placement. Talent, technical ability, stage presence, dedication, hard work and a positive attitude are all considered for the Company.

RDC's Company handbook will be available upon registration. This will include team policies, a schedule of events, fees, costume prices, payment schedule, and a team contract.




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